XPENG X9 unveiled! (Features, Price and Range) – All Details

Chinese manufacturer Xpeng has unveiled its new model X9. XPENG X9 features, XPENG X9 price, XPENG X9 range and much more in our article with all the details.


XPENG X9 Features

XPENG X9 Price

XPENG X9 Range

China-based company XPENG exhibited its new model at the Guangzhou Motor Show.

XPENG X9 joins other MPVs that are popular in China these days.The new model is the company’s first MPV and the world’s only mass-produced MPV.

XPENG X9 Features

Measuring 5,293 mm in length, 1,988 mm in width, 1,785 mm in height and 3,160 mm in wheelbase, the entry-level version of the 7-seater all-electric MPV X9 will offer a range of 610 km (CLTC) with a battery capacity of 84.5 kWh.

When we look at the longer-range versions, the single-engine version offers a range of 702 kilometers, while the twin-engine version offers a range of 640 km.The dual-motor version will be powered by Li-ion triple battery packs with a battery capacity of 101.5 kWh.

XPENG X9 stands out with its large space for 7 people, while the vehicle also has a hidden cargo area.With a wide range of features, the XPENG X9 also features a 21.4-inch entertainment screen.

In addition to the available air conditioning with the world’s first wrap-around central air conditioner, the X9 also features a smart built-in refrigerator that can be adjusted between 0-50°C.

XPENG X9, which has a very imposing structure, attracts attention with a friction coefficient of 0.227.

XPENG X9 Price

XPENG X9 went on pre-sale at the Guangzhou Auto Show that kicked off in China with a starting price of 388,000 yuan ($53,540).X9 is now available for pre-order and deliveries will begin in early January 2024.

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