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Togg’s second and fully electric sedan model, which has been highly anticipated since the first day, was introduced with the name Togg T10F. Togg T10F launched at CES 2024, Togg T10F features, Togg T10F price, Togg T10F range and much more, we shared with you in our article with all the details.

Togg T10F

Togg T10F Features

Togg T10F Price

Togg T10F Range

The name of Togg’s sedan model has become clear. Although the local brand hid the name at first, the name of the sedan model, which was presented as Togg T10S in most news, was announced as Togg T10F with the launch at CES 2024. The cover of the Togg T10F, which was presented with its prototype with the Togg T10X, was lifted and its design was revealed.

When we look at the hardware part of the Togg T10F, driver safety-oriented features are at the forefront. There are 7 airbags, traffic sign detection system, intelligent adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go function, intelligent lane keeping system and lane departure warning, which is important for safety. The T10F also has a “heavy traffic pilot” assistant feature that can be used by the driver in heavy traffic.

Togg T10F Features

The standard range model of the Togg T10F, which has 3 different options with standard, long range and AWD version with dual electric motors, has a range of 350 km. It offers 218 HP power and 350 Nm torque with a 160 kW electric motor, and the battery capacity is 52.4 kWh.

The long-range RWD version has a range of 600 km. The single-motor RWD version also has a 160 kW electric motor, with 218 HP of power and 350 Nm of torque, and a battery capacity of 88.5 kWh.

When we look at the AWD (long-range all-wheel drive) version, we see a range of 530 km. While the AWD version has dual electric motors, it offers 436 HP power and 700 Nm torque with a 320 kW electric motor. The 0/100 km/h data of the AWD version is 4.6 seconds. The battery capacity is 88.5 kWh.

Togg T10F Price

There is no price information yet for the Togg T10F, which is expected to be launched in 2025.

What do you think of the Togg T10F? Do you think its features can compete with its rivals? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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