Togg Sedan: Togg T10F unveiled! Here are the details from Togg T10F

A video was shared from the sedan model of the all-electric Turkish brand Togg, which has been wondered about since its first days and whose prototype was presented. The model name is expected to be ‘Togg T10F‘, the fully electric sedan, Togg T10F features, Togg T10F price, Togg T10F range and much more, we convey to you in our article with all the details.

Togg T10F

Togg T10F Features

Togg T10F Price

Togg T10F Range

The sedan model of the all-electric SUV model Togg T10X, the 9th best-selling car of 2023 in Turkey (in about 8 months), has finally seen the light of day.

We know that when Togg was first introduced to the market, it was introduced with a sedan model at fairs. The sedan model Togg T10F, which was introduced to the market with the prototype, was announced with the video shared by Togg from X.

Togg T10F Features

Technical specifications of Togg T10F have not been shared yet.

Togg T10F Price

Togg T10F will be showcased on January 9th at CES, one of the world’s most popular trade shows. The official launch of the T10F could take place at the end of 2024. Mass production will be in 2025. As for the price, the price of T10F has not yet been shared.

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