New Rivian R2, R3, R3X models unveiled

Rivian unveiled 3 new electric vehicle models at an event in Laguna Beach. These are the Rivian R2, R3, R3X, which include three different SUVs with a variety of features and prices to appeal to a wider range of customers. With the new electric vehicle models, Rivian is on its way to offering a smaller and more affordable option in the electric SUV segment.

The R2, Rivian’s newest, smallest and most affordable option to date, will be the first to hit the market. Although the truck is smaller than Rivian’s other models, it will play a big role in the company’s future as the automaker seeks to show how it can thrive amid the global EV crisis and its own manufacturing challenges.

Another new model, the R3, is a smaller version of the R2. The R3 will be offered with various engine options and different features. Finally, the R3X, the more powerful and luxurious version of the R3, will have features to attract performance enthusiasts. This model is specifically designed for users looking for high performance and luxury.

The R2 will be available with single, twin or triple motor options, with the most powerful version capable of accelerating from 0-60 mph in less than 3 seconds. With a range of 482 km, the R2 will be positioned at the high end, below the R1S, a more affordable electric SUV. The Rivian R2 will offer autonomous driving capabilities with 11 different cameras and five different sensors. It continues Rivian’s acclaimed design line and features a minimalist cockpit with dual screens.

The biggest surprise of the Rivian R2 event was the new R3 and R3X compact crossovers. The performance-oriented R3X will be available with three different engine options and will be designed with off-road capability in mind. While these vehicles won’t arrive until 2026 or maybe even 2028, they are currently being shown as concepts, using the company’s iconic design language to strike a balance between the past and the future. Rivian plans to sell the R3X for over $45,000, while the regular R3 will be offered at a more affordable price.

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