Opel legend, Opel Frontera, is set to make a comeback, this time as an electric vehicle

New Opel Frontera, scheduled to be introduced towards the end of this year, will emerge as a smart and entertaining model for car enthusiasts. AdditionOPELally, it will showcase Opel’s bold and minimalist design philosophy with a fresh and robust interpretation, marking it as the first production car to carry the German brand’s new “Lightning Logo.”

The upcoming Frontera will be launched as an all-electric vehicle from the outset. Opel CEO Florian Huettl, in his assessment of the new SUV model, stated, ‘Frontera‘ is a name that perfectly suits our exciting new SUV model, which will confidently position itself at the heart of the market.”

Providing a high level of living space and versatility, the new Opel Frontera will cater to both customers with an active lifestyle and families. Moreover, the attractive pricing of the new SUV model will continue Opel’s tradition of offering accessible mobility options to its broad customer base.

The arrival of the electric version of the new Frontera, alongside the planned release of the electric version of the next-generation Grandland later this year, will represent a significant milestone in Opel’s journey toward becoming a fully electric brand. This way, Opel will offer at least one electric model in every vehicle segment, addressing diverse customer needs.

Opel will continue to share the initial visuals of the new Frontera and provide more detailed information about the model in the coming days.

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