Nissan Skyline electric SUV and fastback model is coming!

Nissan’s iconic Skyline model will be fully electric.

Nissan has announced that it will redesign its new model Skyline in an all-electric, fastback form. The Skyline model, which will be based on the Nissan Ariya, is expected to be launched in 2025.

Nissan Skyline Electric Features

Not much is known about the electric Nissan Skyline, but it is expected to have 450 horsepower. The model in fastback form is expected to have two electric motors.
The new Nissan Skyline will have four doors and all four wheels will be independently controlled by the driver.

Nissan Skyline Electric Price

It is also known that the current Skyline model of Nissan Skyline, which has not yet been announced about the price information, is sold as Infiniti Q50 in North America. According to the information obtained, there is data that the model will be sold under the Infiniti brand in the USA in the future.

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