Nissan Interstar-e introduced, will be available in the 2nd quarter

Nissan has introduced its first fully electric large van model, the Nissan Interstar-e. This vehicle utilizes the technology of the Renault Master E-Tech.

The Interstar-e offers a range of 460 km with its 87 kWh battery capacity. Looking at the charging side of the vehicle, Nissan’s D/C Charging feature provides fast charging capabilities, allowing it to charge up to 257 kilometers in just 30 minutes, and it offers a version with a 40 kWh battery for shorter tasks, providing approximately 124 miles of range. Additionally, the A/C Charging feature allows for the battery to be charged from 10% to 100% in less than 4 hours.

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Furthermore, the 4-ton Interstar-e’s 1.6-ton payload capacity allows it to be used throughout Europe with a regular driver’s license. This feature enables users to transport larger loads than the more common 3.5-ton diesel vans.

The vehicle comes with a standard warranty of five years or 160,000 kilometers, while the high-voltage battery is covered by an eight-year or 160,000-kilometer warranty. The vehicle is expected to be available for sale in the second quarter of 2024.

Nissan has announced its goal to fully electrify all van models by 2026. However, the price of the Interstar-e has not been officially disclosed by Nissan.

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