Nissan Hyper Punk concept unveiled!

Nissan Hyper Punk, the fourth all-electric concept model introduced by Nissan in October, has been unveiled. In this article, we examined the Nissan Hyper Punk in detail.

Japanese automaker Nissan has unveiled the Nissan Hyper Punk, the fourth member of its electric concept vehicle series, which will make its debut at the Japan Mobility Expo on October 25.Having previously introduced the Hyper Tourer, Hyper Urban and Hyper Adventure models, Nissan continues to carry the traces of the future.

On October 25, after the presentation of the 4 concepts at the Japan Mobility Fair, virtual versions of the vehicles will be offered for sale under the name “Electrify The World” in the Fortnite game.

Hyper Punk, an all-electric compact crossover concept, provides uninterrupted and high-tech internet connectivity, allowing passengers to easily access information on the go. With its artificial intelligence-supported headrest, it has the ability to detect the driver’s mood and automatically select the right music and lighting.

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