Kaiyi Shiyue unveiled! (Features, Price and Range) – All Details

Chinese car manufacturer Kaiyi has introduced its new electric model, the Shiyue. Kaiyi Shiyue features, Kaiyi Shiyue price, Kaiyi Shiyue range and much more, we shared with you in our article with all the details.

Kaiyi Shiyue

Kaiyi Shiyue Features

Kaiyi Shiyue Price

Kaiyi Shiyue Range

Chinese brand Kaiyi introduced its compact vehicle named Shiyue, a joint design with Chery, at an event organised in China yesterday.

3360 mm long, 1700 mm wide and 1605 mm high, Kaiyi Shiyue offers its driver a 10.25-inch touchscreen display. The mini hatchback Kaiyi Shiyue attracts attention with its front headlights and wide louvre design.

Kaiyi Shiyue Features

The lower package of the new vehicle has a range of 201 km, while the upper package has a range of 301 km. No information has been given yet about the LFP battery size of the electric Kaiyi Shiyue model.
Kaiyi Shiyue can reach 100 km/h with two different horsepower, 35 and 40 kW, thanks to its two engines.

Kaiyi Shiyue Price

Kaiyi Shiyue, which went on sale yesterday, is available in China, where it is manufactured, with a price scale ranging from 53,900 yuan to 69,900 yuan. In the US, the lower model with a range of 201 km is $7,600 and the upper package with a range of 301 km is $9,800.

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