Hyundai unveils NPX1, a concept model based on the IONIQ 5 N

Hyundai, one of the world’s largest South Korean automakers, unveiled the NPX1 concept model based on the Hyundai IONIQ 5 N at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2024.

Hyundai, which has introduced high-performance electric vehicles with the N Performance series, has introduced the NPX1 concept to further enhance this experience. With internal combustion models such as the Elantra N, i30 N and i20 N, and all-electric N models, including the IONIQ 5 N, Hyundai offers a special experience for performance enthusiasts.

The IONIQ 5 N, which has been given a sporty design with the NPX1 concept, features a carbon front splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser, rear wing spoiler, hybrid carbon wheels, high-performance brake pads and lowering springs. The concept’s interior is upgraded with Alcantara material and racing-style seats.

South Korean Hyundai plans to expand the availability of “N Performance Parts” products for all Hyundai N models, starting with the all-electric IONIQ 5 N.

“In 2024, Hyundai Motor Company will step forward as a leader in new tuning parts suitable for the ‘high-performance EV’ world, as demonstrated by the ‘NPX1‘ concept model,” said Joon Park, Vice President of N Brand Management Group.

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