Hyundai Casper EV has been spotted during the testing phase

Hyundai is expected to introduce Hyundai Casper EV to the European market this year. With its budget-friendly price, this compact electric vehicle reflects Hyundai’s vision for future mobility.

Upon closer inspection of the car tested in Japan, the resemblance of both the front and rear design to the fully electric Ioniq 5 stands out. The name that Hyundai will give to this car is also among the topics discussed in the country, with the possibility of it being alternatively named Ioniq 2.

Lionel French Keogh, one of Hyundai’s leading executives in France, mentions considering environmentally friendly production for this vehicle despite it being sold only in gasoline versions in South Korea. This suggests that the Casper model will also have a fully electric version. The fully electric version is expected to be first launched in Europe, and production might take place in the Czech Republic to take advantage of incentives in Europe.

With an estimated starting price of €23,000, the fully electric compact SUV, Hyundai Casper EV, is poised to be a strong competitor against Dacia Spring, the second-best-selling car model in the European market. Discussions also revolve around the possibility of further price reductions, potentially reaching €15,000 with tax incentives across Europe.

One other aspect of interest for the Hyundai Casper EV is its range, and among the shared information, the car is said to offer up to 300 kilometers on a single charge.

What are your thoughts on the Hyundai Casper EV? Do you think it will achieve high sales globally?

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