Honda e:NP2 unveiled! (Features, Price and Range) – All Details

Honda, which continues to surprise its customers with its new designs, introduced its new electric model Honda e:NP2 to the curious at the Guangzhou Motor Show that started in China. Honda e:NP2 features, Honda e:NP2 price, Honda e:NP2 range and much more in our article with all the details.

Honda e:NP2

Honda e:NP2 Features

Honda e:NP2 Price

Honda e:NP2 Range

We continue with the fully electric models introduced at the Guangzhou Motor Show.This time we are greeted by Japanese Honda, which came to the fore with the e:N concept.As you know, Honda uses the name e:N for its electric models, we can liken it to Mercedes’ EQ.In this article, Honda’s all-electric c-segment SUV Honda e:NP2 is with us.

Honda e:NP2 Features

The all-electric SUV model in the C segment class is expected to have an estimated battery capacity of 68.8 kWh, 204 HP and a range of 510 kilometers, although technical data has not yet been shared.

Honda e:NP2 Price

Honda’s e:NP2 is the new version of the e:Ny1. Honda e:NP2 will be launched in China before 2024 and then in Europe. Honda e:NP2‘s price information has not been shared yet.

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