Electric Ford Puma Gen-E is coming at the end of 2024!


All-electric version of the Ford Puma, named Ford Puma Gen-E, is coming later this year. Ford has confirmed the name Puma Gen-E. All the details about the Puma Gen-E can be found in our article.

Production will take place at Ford Otosan’s factory in Craiova, Romania, just like the internal combustion engine versions.

While Ford has confirmed the name and the release timing of the new electric model, no further details have been provided. However, considering that the Puma Gen-E shares the same platform as the E-Transit Courier and E-Tourneo Courier panel vans produced in Craiova, it is expected that the drivetrain and battery specifications of the Puma Gen-E will be similar. The output for these models’ drivers is 100 kW, with a battery capacity of approximately 55 kWh. The DC charging power can reach up to 100 kW, and the standard charging time from 10% to 80% will be “less than 35 minutes.”

Ford’s annual revenue from the electric vehicle segment increased by 12% to $5.9 billion, but Ford’s losses in the EV business reached $4.7 billion. Shortly after this financial report, the announcement of “Ford Puma Gen-E” was made.

Another significant piece of information shared by Ford, crucial for the brand, is that it has been working on a low-cost electric car platform for the past two years and may soon introduce smaller EVs to the market. The company announced that it will introduce a total of seven new electric models to Europe by 2024, including three new electric passenger cars and four new electric commercial vehicles.

However, it appears that Ford is suspending many electric vehicle projects amid financial difficulties. These suspended projects include plans for a battery factory for electric commercial vehicles in Turkey, in collaboration with LG Energy Solution and the KoƧ Group.

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