Fisker prepares to unveil the luxury Fisker Ocean Extreme Monterey

Fisker has announced that it will introduce the exclusive luxury version of the award-winning Fisker Ocean SUV.

Fisker states that the Ocean Extreme Monterey Edition will be the most luxurious offering in the Ocean series, which currently consists of Extreme, Ultra, and Sport trim levels. The Ocean Extreme Monterey Edition will include the Sun Soaked metallic glossy exterior paint option along with color-accentuated details on the vehicle’s wheels and interior.

The unique interior will be the most luxurious in the Ocean series. The Monterey Edition will continue Fisker’s commitment to sustainability through the use of innovative recycled materials.

Henrik Fisker, Chairman and CEO, said, “Some customers still wanted a more luxurious interior that is extremely sustainable, so we fulfilled their desires with the Fisker Ocean Extreme Monterey Edition.” He also expressed excitement about the designers’ ability to create a unique new paint color with the Sun Soaked option. “It beautifully captures the sun and has a warm, coppery, mineral tone; it truly looks like nothing else on the road.”

Fisker will release additional details, including pricing and production volume, for the limited-edition Ocean Extreme Monterey Edition in the coming months. The special edition, named after the stunning coastal region of Northern California, is expected to be available for customer orders in the second half of 2024.

Fisker reported a growth of over 300% in electric vehicle deliveries in the last quarter, resulting in the delivery of approximately 4,700 vehicles throughout the year.

Fisker is currently delivering fully electric Ocean SUVs in the United States, Canada, and Europe. The Ocean Extreme stands out with a range of 360 miles EPA in the U.S. and the longest range among all new electric SUVs in its class with 707 km/439 miles WLTP in Europe. The Fisker Ocean also boasts the lowest carbon footprint among any electric SUV released, consuming over 110 lbs/50kg less fuel. Constructed in a carbon-neutral facility using recycled and bio-based materials, the vehicle integrates rooftop solar panels, providing up to an additional 1,500 miles/2,400 km of range annually.

Do you think the Fisker Ocean Extreme Monterey will affect sales?

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