All-electric CUPRA Born VZ unveiled


The Volkswagen Group continues to expand its range of electric vehicles. The Cupra team has announced its first performance-oriented electric car, the Cupra Born VZ.

The name is inspired by the Spanish word “veloz,” which means “speed,” and allows the Born to reach 326 horsepower.
The Born has 204 hp as standard, but with the e-Boost package it can reach 231 hp, with the increased 85 hp all transferred to the rear wheels.

The top speed of the Born has been increased by 40 km/h and can now reach 200 km/h. But it’s not just a more powerful engine that Cupra has added to the VZ. Equipped with specially designed 20-inch wheels, the Born’s battery capacity has been increased to 79 kWh, giving it a total range of 570 kilometers. The steering is also sharper and the brake pedal has a more precise feel.
The vehicle’s torque also increases to 235 Nm, making it a real hot hatch. With this increased power, the small electric vehicle accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 5.7 seconds.

This version gets a 12.9-inch screen with a 0.9-inch larger multimedia system. Also, the air conditioning and audio controls, which users have been complaining about, are finally backlit.
In terms of design, the VZ is available in Forest Green or the more common Midnight Black. The interior features sports seats, which are not available in the lower-end models but are also used in other VZ models.

The launch plan for the CUPRA Born VZ is set for the third quarter of 2024. However, it is necessary to wait until the summer months for final information on pricing and UK specification to be received and confirmed.

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