Chery Sterra ES (Features, Price and Range) – Full Details

Chery, one of China’s largest automakers, has announced the product range of its fully electric sedan model Chery Sterra ES. We shared Chery Sterra ES, Chery Sterra ES features, Chery Sterra ES price, Chery Sterra ES range and much more with you in our article with all the details.

Chery Sterra ES

Chery Sterra ES Features

Chery Sterra ES Price

Chery Sterra ES range

Chery announced that its all-electric sedan model Sterra ES, which it plans to launch soon, can reach a range of 905 kilometers.

The all-electric Chery Sterra ES, which uses the new generation state-of-the-art technology “Shenxing Battery” produced by CATL battery company in its infrastructure, can offer a range of over 900 km according to Chinese standards with a battery capacity of 100 kWh.Chery claims there will be only a 9% drop in range in winter.

The Chery Sterra ES will be officially launched in China at the end of October.

Chery Sterra ES Features

  • 800V high-voltage platform
  • 905 km range
  • 100 kWh battery capacity

Chery Sterra ES Price

Chery Sterra ES will be offered for sale with a starting price of 35.000 dollars. Sterra ES will also be available in Europe.

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