Chery iCAR 03 unveiled! (Features, Price and Range) – All Details

Chery iCAR 03, an all-electric SUV with all-wheel drive and solar charging, was unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show.Chery iCAR 03 featuresChery iCAR 03 priceChery iCAR 03 range and much more in our article with all the details.

Chery iCAR 03

Chery iCAR 03 Features

Chery iCAR 03 Price

Chery iCAR 03 Range

At the Guangzhou Auto Show, which takes place in China and where competition is at its peak, the electric vehicle introductions of the brands continue from where they left off.This time at the Guangzhou Auto Show, one of the biggest auto fairs of the year, Chery’s affordable all-wheel drive electric SUV model iCAR 03 is with us.

The 4.4-meter-long iCAR 03 is powered by a CATL LFP battery.

Chery iCAR 03 Features

The iCAR 03, whose specifications are expected to be announced in December, is expected to offer a range of over 500 kilometers with a battery with a capacity of approximately 60 kWh.

While it reaches 184 horsepower in single engine, the twin-engine version of the vehicle offers 279 horsepower.

In addition, Chery iCAR 03 can optionally provide up to 2,000 kilometers of range gain per year with solar panels on the glass roof.

Chery iCAR 03 Price

Chery iCAR 03 will be available for pre-order with 2 different engine options. iCAR 03, which is expected to be available for pre-order on December 18, will be priced at $22,000 with dual engine and $19,000 with single engine.

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