Chery iCAR 03 is available in China! (Features, Price and Range)

chery icar 03
chery icar 03

Chery iCAR 03, a fully electric SUV with 3 different versions, was introduced at the Guangzhou Motor Show. After a long wait, the electric SUV is on sale in China. Chery iCAR 03 specs, Chery iCAR 03 price, Chery iCAR 03 range and much more are with you in all details.

Chery iCAR 03

Chery iCAR 03 Specs

Chery iCAR 03 Price

Chery iCAR 03 Range

Chery’s cheapest all-electric SUV model, first unveiled at the Guangzhou Motor Show in China where competition was at its peak, is officially on sale in China. Chery’s most affordable electric SUV model iCAR 03 has 3 different versions.

Huawei’s operating system is used in iCAR 03. Chery’s deliveries are expected to start in March, using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8155 chipset on the infotainment side.

It was an interesting coincidence that Chinese Chery launched the iCAR 03 on the same day that iCAR, the electric car project that US global giant Apple has been working on for nearly 10 years, was halted. Chery aims to sell 10,000 units of this vehicle per month in China.

Chery iCAR 03 features

Entry-level version:

  • 135 kW (184 hp) engine power
  • 220 Nm torque
  • 50.63 kWh LFP battery capacity
  • 401 kilometers range

Medium version:

  • 65.69 kWh battery capacity
  • 475 kilometer range

Top version with four-wheel drive:

  • 205 kW (279 hp) engine power
  • 385 Nm of torque
  • 69.8 kWh battery capacity
  • 0-100 km/h data 6.5 sec
  • 501 kilometers range

Chery iCAR 03 Price

The starting price of the Chery iCAR 03 is set at $15,000. The top version starts at $23,500.

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