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At the same time that we will examine the Chery EQ1 electric vehicle, we shared with you the answers to the questions of Chery EQ1 features, Chery EQ1 price, how many kilometers is Chery EQ1 range.

Chery EQ1

Chery EQ1 Features

Chery EQ1 Price

Chery EQ1 range

Chery was first unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show in April 2023. The 2024 model EQ1, developed for Europe, will be launched first in China and then in Europe very soon.

When we look at the Chery EQ1, it is not a model produced for the first time.The EQ1, which was introduced in 2017, has 2023 versions today.We can say that the mini electric EQ1, which has experienced many changes since 2017, is our favorite among other mini electric vehicles, especially with its design.When we look at its dimensions, the EQ1, which resembles the XEV YOYO, is quite different from YOYO in performance and range.

Let’s take a look at the technical specifications of the highly anticipated mini electric Chery EQ1, which is manufactured in China.

Chery EQ1 Features

  • POWER 41 hp
  • CONSUMPTION 9.4 kWh / 100 km
  • MAXIMUM SPEED 100 km/h
  • RANGE 301 km
  • LENGTH/WIDTH 3.2 m / 1.67 m
  • CHARGING FILLING TIME 30% – 80% filling 30 min

Chery EQ1 Price

In China, the 2023 version of the EQ1 is priced at the cheapest $8,900, while the middle package costs $10,700 and the top package costs $12,700. In addition, there will be no serious change in prices in the upcoming 2024 version.

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