Changan CD701 unveiled! (Features, Price and Range) – All Details

Chinese car manufacturer Changan Automobile has introduced the concept car Changan CD701, the first vehicle model of its brand. Changan CD701 features, Changan CD701 price, Changan CD701 range and much more, we shared with you in our article with all the details.

Changan CD701

Changan CD701 Features

Changan CD701 Price

Changan CD701 Range

Changan has unveiled an interesting concept, the new Changan CD701. The interesting model offers its customers a blend of SUV and pickup form.

Changan CD701 Features

Zhu Huarong, president of Changan Automobile, announced that the Changan CD701 is the first car built on SDA architecture. It is emphasised that the vehicle is designed to provide a comprehensive travel experience enhanced with smart technologies. Changan CD701, which reflects a very futuristic stance with its interior design, emphasises minimal design with both SUV and pickup design.

Changan CD701, which is still in the concept stage, offers a combination of the SUV model, which we have encountered and admired recently, and the design in the form of a pickup truck. Although it is not obvious at first glance, the design, which can turn into a body form when the rear and rear windows are opened, creates a comfortable interior living cabin for a family of five.

Changan CD701, which aims to provide both a stylish and efficient driving experience; It stands out with its wind resistance, low wind resistance wheels and aerodynamic exterior mirror features. The vehicle, which is known to come with a large screen in the central control area, also makes a name for itself with the use of environmentally friendly materials in interior materials.

No technical data has been shared yet for the Changan CD701, which blends two different designs quite well. However, like all Chinese electric vehicles, it seems clear that the CD701 will not lag behind its competitors in performance.

Changan CD701 Price

Changan says that more than 20 new smart electric vehicles are expected to be launched in the next five years and 11 new products including coupes, SUVs and MPVs will be launched in the next three years, but Changan does not share pricing information for the CD701 for now.

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