Technical details of the BYD Yangwang U7 have been shared

The technical details of the highly anticipated fully electric sedan BYD Yangwang U7 have been revealed. BYD’s luxury electric brand, Yangwang U7, will be the focus of our article. We have shared all the details of BYD Yangwang U7 features, BYD Yangwang U7 price, BYD Yangwang U7 range, and much more in our writing.

BYD Yangwang U7

BYD Yangwang U7 Features

BYD Yangwang U7 Price

BYD Yangwang U7 Range

BYD’s luxury electric car-producing subsidiary, Yangwang U8, made headlines. After the electric flagship that can float on water and rotate 360 degrees, the technical details of the new sedan U7 have been leaked.

With dimensions of 5265 mm in length, 1998 mm in width, 1517 mm in height, and a wheelbase of 3160 mm, the electric sedan is larger than the Mercedes EQS. Inside the U7, the familiar three screens of the brand greet us. There are two versions of the interior, with 4 and 5 seats.

Yangwang U7 will offer optional side-view cameras instead of standard features such as traditional mirror systems and aerodynamic wheel covers. With all aerodynamic details added, the coefficient of friction of the U7 will be reduced to 0.195 Cd, similar to the Xiaomi SU7.

BYD Yangwang U7 Features

The vehicle will deliver a total power of 1287 HP with four different electric motors, powered by a 960 kW motor. It will be powered by a 135.5 kWh LFP battery developed by BYD’s subsidiary Findreams. Yangwang U7 will have two different CLTC range options: 720 km and 800 km.

BYD Yangwang U7 Price

The sedan, expected to hit the roads by the end of 2024, is estimated to be priced at $140,000, but there has been no official announcement from the brand yet.

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