BYD Seal 06 unveiled in China

The Plug-in hybrid sedan ‘BYD Seal 06’ has been unveiled in China. Following Seal DM-i PHEV and Seal U, Seal 06 joins the Seal family.

Seal 06 is based on the hybrid platform of Seal DM-i and will come with two transmission options, featuring electric motors with power outputs of 120 kW and 160 kW. The maximum speed for both models is restricted to 180 km/h.

Although not officially announced by BYD yet, there are various speculations regarding the battery capacity and range of the vehicle. It is estimated that Seal 06, offering two different options of 10 kWh and 16 kWh battery packs, could have CLTC ranges ranging from approximately 60 km to 90 km.

One of the standout features of the PHEV is its adoption of an entirely new Ocean series design. Setting it apart from other Seal models, it is equipped with attention-grabbing “double L” shaped headlights instead of the signature “boomerang headlights,” adding a modern and striking aesthetic to the front of the vehicle.

At the rear, a design similar to the BYD Seal DM-i is observed, almost identical in terms of width and height. However, an increase of 130 mm in length and a 110 mm extension in the wheelbase suggest that Seal 06 has the potential to offer a more spacious and comfortable interior for both the driver and passengers.

BYD is also expected to introduce a fully electric version of the Seal 06, with an announcement anticipated towards the end of this year.

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