BYD Sea Lion 07 unveiled! (Features, Price and Range) – All Details

Chinese electric car manufacturer BYD’s Sea Lion 07 is with us.We shared with you the all-electric BYD Sea Lion 07 featuresBYD Sea Lion 07 priceBYD Sea Lion 07 range and much more in our article with all the details.

BYD Sea Lion 07

BYD Sea Lion 07 Features

BYD Sea Lion 07 Price

BYD Sea Lion 07 Range

Chinese BYD continues to introduce new models at short intervals. This time, Chinese BYD introduced its new all-electric SUV model Sea Lion 07 at the Guangzhou Motor Show.

Expected to use the infrastructure of the 4.9-meter-long BYD Tang, Sea Lion 07 will use the e-platform 3.0 architecture.

The all-electric SUV Sea Lion 07 is reminiscent of BYD’s Ocean-X concept.Sea Lion 07 made its debut at the Guangzhou Motor Show on November 17.

BYD Sea Lion 07 Features

Technical features for the Sea Lion 07 have not been shared, but the range is estimated to be between 600-800 kilometers.BYD Sea Lion 07 EV can be announced with a range estimate of 650/750 km with two different battery options with 71.8 and 87 kWh capacity.

BYD Sea Lion 07 Price

All-electric SUV Sea Lion 07 has a starting price of $27,000.

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