BYD mexico factory opens! BYD’s new stop is Mexico

byd mexico

BYD will build a factory in Mexico after Hungary. BYD Mexico factory claims have been confirmed. Mexican sales will also be important in BYD factory in Mexico.

Chinese car manufacturer BYD, which attracted attention in Turkey, was on the agenda with the claim that it would establish a factory in Turkey. BYD then decided not to establish a factory in Turkey in favor of Hungary.

Chinese BYD, which has achieved many sales successes worldwide, has announced the country where it will establish its next factory. The second country for the production factory of BYD, which has recently made great efforts to export vehicles to Europe and is known for the best-selling car models in the world, was Mexico. BYD, which takes countries that support production with low production fees and low taxes into its lens, will also produce in Mexico.

The issue of Chinese BYD will establish a factory in Turkey is still ongoing and it seems likely to establish a factory in Turkey.

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