10-Year Apple Electric Car Project Cancelled

Apple electric car
Apple electric car

US technology giant Apple has decided to end the “Apple electric car project”.

Project Titan, Apple’s electric and self-driving car project, has come to an end. The decision comes after nearly a decade of work. However, the end of Project Titan comes at a time when major automakers are reevaluating their investments in electric vehicles. Mercedes, for example, recently reversed its decision to produce only electric cars after 2030.

According to a previous report, Apple’s electric car project was expected to be launched in 2028. Therefore, the sudden end of Project Titan can be considered as an unexpected development.

It is estimated that around 2,000 people are working on Apple’s electric car project. With the end of the driverless project, employees from the Project Titan team are expected to join Apple’s Artificial Intelligence unit. This unit will be led by John Giannandrea and is expected to start working on production AI solutions. The transfer of the Project Titan team to this unit is not a surprise, as 2024 was marked by the importance of producing artificial intelligence solutions. Although Apple has yet to make an official announcement, we may see production AI solutions at the WWDC 2024 event next June.

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