All-electric BYD Atto 2 goes on sale

BYD Atto 2
BYD Atto 2

China’s BYD, which has managed to become one of the world’s best-selling electric car brands by attracting attention with its price cuts, has put its all-electric compact SUV model BYD ATTO 2 on sale. BYD, which has been slashing prices on its electric models throughout the year, is making a bold move with the BYD Atto 2.

The electric SUV Atto 2, which attracts attention with its compact dimensions, has a length of 4.3 meters. The SUV, which is offered with 2 different charging support on the charging side, has 45 kW DC charging support in the entry package and 65 kW DC charging support in the upper packages. The Atto 2, which charges from 30% to 80% in half an hour, comes standard with a heat pump.

The range of the Atto 2 is 301 km in the standard version and 401 km in the top version. On the technical side, the compact electric vehicle, which offers 95/177 hp, is available with 32/45 kWh battery capacity options.

While the standard version of the Atto 2 has a starting price of $ 13,000, the top version, which offers a range of 401 km, has a starting price of $ 15,200.

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